Chen Clan Academy

Chen Clan Academy is a station on Line 1 of the Guangzhou Metro. For more details view the ExploreGuangzhou interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Chen Clan Academy
Chinese (simplified) 陈家祠
Located on Line 1
Code 1-07
Pronounciation Chénjiācí

Map of Chen Clan Academy

Tips near Chen Clan Academy

Exit D then follow the sign 'Chen' s Lineage Hall'10Yuan per ticket.


Apr 5, 2012

Carrefour hypermarket exit d

mohammed almola

Sep 29, 2012



Apr 21, 2013

Beautiful art exhibits in the academy


Nov 23, 2013

Abd office


Apr 18, 2014

VIP office exit c


Apr 18, 2014

Chen clan academy is good. The art work is also not expensive.


Sep 8, 2014

Exit D the walk around 800 m the cross the road, you will be in the Arabic area ... Plenty of good food and halal stuff


Oct 13, 2014

exit D, go straight, cross the road on your left, then turn right and go straight, you will see pizza hut and st.martin hotel on the left. turn left and go straight again, you will find verenna coffee and chinese halal restaurant.. beef noodle(hand making


Oct 26, 2014

win lan warehouse for toys


Jan 17, 2015

nice area, art work is fantastic, carrefour for shopping and starbucks to relax


Aug 17, 2015

شارع سان ساجيو مثل شارع بكين يقفل بوقت متأخر الساعة (11) ليلا مخرج (D)

نبيل نقلي

Nov 12, 2015

إنتباااااااه ????? التعليق خاطيء أعتذر

نبيل نقلي

Nov 12, 2015 Ponofesta coffee 13076762797 الأكاديمية فنون القديمه شنجاصي

Mr Hamawi

Feb 6, 2016

okland office


Jul 30, 2016

Exit C: Carrefour 200m


Nov 30, 2019

Chen clan


10 months ago

First train/Last train